Who the Tech is Alex?


I'm glad you asked. Ever since I could remember, I was fascinated by technology. Perhaps it was the Jetson's fault. If it was a new gadget and had new bells and whistles, it would call my name. As I grew up, I became an early adapter of tech and loved learning about it. Several years ago, I was presented with an opportunity to work for HP and then eventually became the Guest Host for HP on QVC. 


In addition to working for HP,  I’ve been involved in the Pro Wrestling Business for over 20 years. First starting out as a Wrestler and then eventually working for WWE, TNA Impact Wrestling, and Lucha Libre USA. Currently, I am a commentator and host of All Elite Wrestling. AEW Dynamite can be seen every Wednesday night at 8PM EST on TNT.  I also produce my own theatrical Lucha Libre shows known as SuperKick. I also enjoy collaborating with brands that I am passionate about on social media.    


If you want to know more, feel free to reach out to me via social media. Just search for @OnTheAirAlex on Facebook, and Instagram. @AlexHPforQVC on Twitter. Sadly, I am no longer on MySpace. :) You can now also follow me on Twitch.tv/ontheairalex