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Omigo Unboxing and Review

While at the mall recently, I discovered the Omigo toilet seat replacement. At first, I was very confused as to what it was. After looking into it further, I realized that it makes a lot of sense. The Omigo replaces your toilet seat lid and cover. It's very easy to install, but you will need power.

Once you have it connected (it only takes a few minutes to install) that is when the magic happens. It has a remote control that has customizable features and can even be pre-set for two people.

So what exactly does Omigo do? Well, it's essentially a smart bidet.

Here are some of the Omigio features direct from their website:

Night Light

A soft illuminating blue light greets you. Who knew a toilet could look happy?

Heated Seat

Sit down to a gently warmed seat adjusted to your preference.


A revolutionary activated carbon filter that actually eliminates odor.

Warm Water Wash

When you’re ready, Omigo washes all the right places with an endless supply of warm water.


You control pressure, temperature, spray width, and everything else. It’s a completely customized experience.

Air Dry

Nope, we’re not kidding. It actually dries you with warm air.

Remote Controlled

The only thing you have to touch.

Omigo eliminates the need for TP, saving trees, water, and electricity.

You can find out more about Omigo at